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Passed BSCI
Hi All

I passed the BSCI exam today, i got 893.

I didnt get much on BGP which i thought i would. I did however get quite a lot on ipv6 and OSPFv2 and v3.

I got 3 sims: Redistribution, OSPFv3 virtual links & EIGRP summarisation. The OSPFv3 virtual links & EIGRP summarisation were spot on but the redistribution was a little different.

Two things. The metric for ISIS was to be 57 not 50 and also EIGRP routes int ISIS had to be level-1 only.

How2Pass is great, ive used them for CCNA, ONT and now BSCI and they are all spot on. I got a couple of new questions but they were not hard and if you know the routing protocols then the answers are easy.

Id definately recomend people look at IPv6 and multicast these were areas that seemed to come up alot. I think Cisco are starting to realise that IPv6 is going to be a big thing.

Good luck to anyone else taking the exam.

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