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Passed BCMSN 930
I passed BCMSN today with score of 930. Thanks H2P for the great preparation. Tools used Ciscopress, home lab and and H2P.

However there was a new simulation scenario as well with two switches, that the SW2 was in Server mode and the SW1 was in transparent mode.
Needed to configure fa0/3 and fa0/4 as trunk with dot1q between SW1 and SW2.
On SW2, it was asking to configure:
Fa0/9 - 10 on vlan 21
Fa0/11 - 12 on vlan 22
Fa0/13 - 14 on vlan 23
it was also asking to configure portfast in the interfaces and change from access mode as well to trunk with dot1q.
No vtp domain name was configured, and pruning needed to be enabled manual

Also when the lab finished, tried to do copy run start, or wr but didn't allowed me to use the commands.
Asked the examiner in the end, and informedĀ  me that from now it saves it automatic and there is no need to save it manual!!!

Either way i passed and now two to go Big Grin Thanks H2P.

P.S. there were several questions in vlan planning (like the procedures we follow, if we keep documentation, rollback guidelines, etc)
Thanks H2P - Passed with 941... As the previous poster states there a re a few on usage of VLANs etc and this new sim must be popular as I got it as well... need to configure LACP (non-cisco) etherchannel between two switches one side active, the other passive then configure a trunk over the port-channel 1 interface.... Watch out for duplex mismatches... Tricky one this one... I spent more time than I'd have liked on it to be honnest and had to rush the rest!... Now onto ISCW...

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