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Passed Today 834
Hi Guys

Passed on my second attempt, not a great score for a second try but a pass none-the-less.

I spent too much time on the sims first go and just ran out of time. Second go I didnt make that mistake and finished with 20 mins spare.

So first piece of advice - have a time limit for each sim and expect to get 3 sims, I did both times.

2 - The sims I was given were the last 3 that are on this site. Two of them I got twice and the different one I had today I had to skip. I wish I could explain it here to you but even though it was just this morning Im already starting to forget. It was along the lines of redistributed routes not being passed to an internal router and then making traffic choose the best path blah, blah.

3 - Study the extra questions on here, they do come up.

So after my experience the best thing I can say is keep an eye on your time. I completely skipped one sim and still passed so dont waste time doing one if you dont think your going to get it.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the info on the sims. Congrats!!!

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