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Passed BSCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks to H2P.

I have passed with very low score 809 but I guess pass is pass. I had 56 question. Every questions apart from 3 or 4 were from H2P site. Also I had three sims such as EIGRP Stub, IPV6 OSPF Virtual-link , PBR for HTTP traffic. They also similar from this site.

I have only managed to finish one sim as it came in 5th or 6th question and I took little bit time so I had a fear that I will run out time so when second and third sim came I had to skip it because they came in middle as well and drag and drop were about three so took time. I did manage to finish all the question on time.

One thing I would like to suggest my all friend that if you study the all question from this site and if you get all correct then you will pass it as I did skip 2 sims on purpose and still manage to pass it.

One again many thanks to H2P and now BCMSN.

All the best to all of you.
Thank you for your story and congratulations!

I've been studying for over 2 months now and have done all the practice questions for the BSCI but it is very dull and tiring towards the end.  Your story inspires me.  I am going to try and take the exam on Friday so send me your mojo Wink

One thing for sure that without the hand-on experience, I don't think you can be succeed in simulation question. I have been working for a year with cisco routers and switch but nothing major like any routing protocol. So only passing the exam on only study question might no be good for real world but what the heck. There is no way that 10 years experienced person can pass without this dumps.

I have been practicing on GNS with CCNP student  labs book which is very very good. No matter how many time you do the Sims lab on this site but in exam you gona struggle due to the time factor.

So don't worry too much do the H2p random test until you keep hitting pass all time at least 15 times and you will be sweet.

All the best.
I passed too!  HOORAY!!!!

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