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Passed today 974!
Thank you how2pass!    One more test to go..  ISCW by the end of July!!
Pls provide some feedback about your experience taking the exam please  8)
No problem..
The labs I had where 5,6,7. 
Lab 5 -  You have to go into router 4 and remove an area 54 link. And in router 1 remove no passive commands. Pay attention to the senerio. It tells you what you should see in the IPV6 route tables.

Lab 6 -  Pretty much straight forward.

LAB 7 ? Pay attention to the next-hop IP.

FYI ? All three labs wouldn?t let me copy run start or copy running-config startup-config.. Not sure why..

There was also a IPV6 drag and drop,
Thanks cureed  Big Grin!! Am taking my exam this Monday. Which means I'll be spending my weekend locked in my apartment. Yep, two routers, H2P and myself. Can you say Fun? I know I can  :-\.
;D  Good luck!
Hey Cureed,
I will really appreciate if you would email me the lab questions youve got..
Thank you so much.
Am attempting my paper in a week's time.

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