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scored a 918!!!
I had the #4 sin where you had to configure the vlan for root and the right vlans over gigabit interfaces.  Funny thing is that I typed no shut after configuring the interface it said "command not implemented" also got an error when I tried to do copy run start.  Also had a sim where you had to do subnetting and use the ip addresses from that to config a switch.  Also saw a new drag and drop dealing with the differences between end-to-end and local vlans.  I could not believe it! 918 is the highest score I have ever gotten on a Cisco cert.  I killed the damn thing!!!  ISCW-YOURE NEXT!!!!!
Congrats!!!  Send me your mojo - I'm taking the BCMSN on Friday Smile
MC7791 thank you for sending me your mojo.  It worked I passed as well!
well I kinda did in my head.  congrats on passing.  what score did you get?  were a lot of the questions from this site?  now that I am studying for iscw I think I will pass on first try and should not take as long

Have mine in a few days, could you please send my the mojo ?

In advance thanks a lot

hmm did I become Austin Powers or something?  ok, mojo sent!!!  I wish you good luck and please respond with how you did. just remember if you have gone over the material and understand it and gove over the questions the answers are there in front of you

i have my exam coming up soon. can i please request the mojo.


Please don't post your email in public forums. You are inviting Spammers.
this is getting kind of ridiculous but ok my mojo is sent!  I wish I could charge for "sending my mojo".  I could use the money.  If you pass make sure to respond. 

i don't mind paying for your help. did you get my email address because nothing has been received.

many thanks
The mojo is the most important part of test taking.  Without a proper mojo, success cannot be certain.

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