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I scored a 930...and unoffically awarded the CCNP
I got sim#4 and another  sim I had not seen before nor was it H2P.  But just make sure you know switching with regards to different VLANs.  The new sim was a router-on-a-stick setup.  3 VLANs 2 /27s and /24.  Needed to tap into my subnetting figure out the subnet mask.  I configured the vlan 2 and vlan 3...unable to config vlan 1.  Enabled ip routing on the switch...verification testing (pings) failed.  After spending 15min, I decided to move on.

I also saw about 5-10 questions that I had not seen on H2P.  I'm not sure if some were the "fake" questions that don't help or hurt you.

This was the 4th and final exam for me.  I'm unoffically a CCNP...pending Cisco confirmation.

I simply used the Cisco Press Books, and H2P.


CCIE R&S is next 

can you please tell us a bit more about the cisco router on a stick sim.

many thanks

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