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796/1000 a few questions that didnt understand why...


This is may second attempt to take the CCNA 802.  The only material I used was testout package and some brain dumps that didint really explain well.

I found this browsing the net and rapidly subscribed.  Now im planning to take the test for the third time in December 1st.

I have a question.

On the EIGRP Sim I found the mistake and corrected it but, still couldn't make adjacency.  I checked the interfaces and ips they seemed good.
On the ACL sim I got the router to only allow the one host access to the specified server and even tested it but, still only got 50% on the section.

Anyways How2pass seems very promising. If anyone can help with those I would highly appreciate itSmile.



for the EIGRP sim, i believe there are some interfaces that shouldn't be included in the routing table, incorrect AS numbers, and for establishing the adjacency issue, you have to be sure interfaces are configured with the correct network statements and they are enabled using the no shutdown command.

i'm a bit fuzzy on the ACL sim, but i think what it comes down to is having an extended ACL with one statement only allowing the specified host http access, another statement to allow ip any any for the rest of the hosts, and applying the ACL to its proper location.

edit: you also have to deny http access to everyone else through another statement

i hope this helped
Thanx for your help.  I havent reached the Sims in howtopass yet.  When I do ill remember your tips
Hey all,

Got to the EIGRP and ACL sims and gota tell you that I now understand what I did wrong on the real test.  thanks how 2 pass and others for support.

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