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Passed the ICND2 this week--after failing last week.
I made 811--needed 825 to pass.  I had 40 questions.  The simulation threw me off--so I just decided to skip it.
I had to completely configure a new switch that was being added to a hospital network.  I needed to apply an ip address and gateway, vlan, add vtp, put into client mode.  I had to make the management domain the same as the other switch.  No info was  provided other than this.
Did not get access to router.  All info would have to be obtained from show commands from the configured switch.  After the test, I realized what I should have done--but too late!
The rest of the test was very close to the questions on how2pass.  One other question I remember was----to provide the subnet mask for 316 hosts.
I had a couple of drop and drags that had been on the CCENT/ICND1 about passwords.  I will be taking the exam again on Monday.  Wish me luck! 

Update.  I took the ICND2 test today!  Passed --919 out of 1000!  Only had 40 questions again.  How2Pass really did help!

Now moving on to the CCNP!
Question - on your first test did you just need to use show cdp commands to get the information from the controller that you were looking for?

I passed icnd1 last week with a 925 and will prolly take icnd in 2 weeks.

H2P is the BOMB!!
Good luck on your exam. I had the same experience as you with the same question. I was running out of time but it was really not that difficult. I also had a problem with the frame entering a switch with port security. I was not aware of the secure mac table. It all comes down to time management I guess. good luck again

I want 2 make ICND1+2 exames.
Can i have some tips?
and i want pass it for sure...


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