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Took the Test today :(
2 Hours Exam
50 Questions
One of them a SIMLET HSRP (Did well) Little different than H2P, need to know default tracking decrements by 10.
Three Simulators
? VLAN Routing (Easy) Almost Identical to the Simulator
? Port Agitation (Believe I did well) Almost Identical to the Simulators
? Security VACL and dot1x authentication (Believe this is 20% of the exam) Believe there are discrepancies in the simulator because some commands did not take on setting up the ACL.

Possible score range: 300 to 1000
Minimal 790 passing

Implement VLAN based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements 71%
Implement Switch base Layer 3 services, given a network and a set of requirements 82%
Prepare Infrastructure to support advance services 100%
Implement High Availability 92%
Implement a Security Extension of a Layer 2 solution 0% (I believe this is one simulator question)

Most of the questions were spot on only a few were different from H2P. If I had 1 request for H2P is to make all the simulators interactive. Much better practice. Need to validate the commands, also.

Recommendation to all is study hard.

My score 781
when i used h2p for the CCNA the simulators were interactive, did they remove this feature?

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