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Question ISCW56
The answer to this question is that IP CEF has not been enabled on both routers RT2 and RT3. How can this be the answer? On page 210 of the ISCW Official Certification Guide, Step 1 in configuring MPLS is that "CEF must be enabled as a prerequisite to enabling MPLS". If, as the question states, Routers RT2 and RT3 have established LDP neighbor sessions, then MPLS has already been enabled. Consequently, CEF would have had to have been enabled. Am I off in my thinking? If so, please someone set me straight. 


Did you try to implement MPLS without enabling ip cef? Did the router show any error? I have not tried it but I think the router allows you to configure MPLS without enabling ip cef and does not show an error (off course it will not function as required).

Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

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