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Today is the day.
It is 1255 HST, my exam is in 1:30mins. Wish me luck, I am going to need it
How did it go?
Test is in 4mins
I hate to admit it but I failed the Switch exam. I scored a 781; 9-points shy of Passing. I feel horrible right now...
Aww dang!  It's ok man, just study more and take it next week.  You will pass for sure.  I can't believe you were that close!
SWITCH is the only Cisco exam that I passed on the 1st attempt.  3 times for CCNA 2 time for ROUTE.  We've all been there.
Yea, I failed the route exam the first time up and passed the second time. I am confident I will pass the next time up. What is everyone doing in preparation for the T-shoot exam? On the HSRP they asked what will happen if the interface drop with 105 as the priority? I said selected 90, the choices were 90,100,150 and, 200. 
It depends on what the decrement value was set at.  If there is no decrement value set, then the default is 10.  So the priority would go from 105 to 95.  But that is not one of the choices you listed, so there must be a decrement value set.
I totally agree with you Brad; it should be 95. However, 95 was not an option for me. I remember it saying if I drop at 105, what would it be? I am confident I will pass next time up. I am taking my exam in Singapore before I return to the states. Once I get back I will start preparing for T-shoot. I need to have my CCNP before I start looking for a job in the D.C area. San Diego life is not for me haha
I am in the D.C. area lol.  I work in Germantown.

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