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Failed Switch 642-813 on 12/08/2011
Congrats USAF! 

And David, it's pretty nice in the D.C. area... I can't complain.  There is a lot of job security in this area.
I have friends in the IT sector in D.C who loves it out there. Listed below are the three studying materials I am buying to study for my T-shoot exam. Thought?



- CBT Nuggets

I wish sybex made a book for T-shoot....

Emery David Bullock
Have anyone used website before?
I passed CCNP Switch in November.  Working on Route.  I am thinking of moving to the DC area, any suggestions for finding work there.

If you have a high Security Clearance you should not have a problem finding a job. My friend said he have to scan his phone calls because of the job offers he receives in D.C. Guess I will have see when I submit my resume this April; I have a SCI clearance .
I don't work in a government job.  This area isn't just good for government jobs.  There are many civilian/customer jobs also.
You don't necessarily have to work for the government if you are in the D.C. area.  There are also a lot of commercial jobs.  I don't work for the government, I work for a satellite internet provider.
My friend said he was scanning his phone, because the work of his in Washington DC...
I have my CCNP and was going to renew by taking the SWITCH exam. From what I can gather the study materials for the test are not complete from Cisco. The exam prep questions aren't current. And I have looked at the sims and I have some concerns there as well. It would seem to me the nature of switching is difficult to replicate so the exam prep is harder. I never had any test question prep the last time I took the test and I passed with a 912 and it was brutal. It seems to me that How2Pass would do a great job on the CCNP ROUTE test as far as accuracy. I would like to know what anybody else thinks.


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