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About to purchase How2pass ICND2.
I've done a little research on other sites that guarantee that you will pass such as Pass4sure and ActualTest etc. I see that ALL sites have testimonial success stories. But you get the real story when you Google each site and read the reviews. The one feature How2Pass has that no one else has to my knowledge (I could be wrong) is the live simulations and actual testlets. Whats scary to me is that, some posted that the simulations that is on How2Pass ICND2 test engine is not the same ones on the actual exam or in my opinion maybe their just not up to date. The simulations are what scares me the most since I don't have a lot of real world router and switch experience.   
Nonetheless I successfully passed my ICND1 with only studying How2Pass for one week. However I was studying for 2 months using other guarantee you will pass material and failed a 2nd time. I was about to throw in the towel, than I came across this site. The only reason I went forward and purchased was because I downloaded the free test engine and notice vary familiar & similar questions that was on the actual exam that I've taken a week ago. 
If you're talking about using brain dumps then yes, you will pass. That's great for getting the certification, but when you go to interview for a job make sure you have a solid foundation of the topics or you'll have a difficult time in that job. On the other hand, I know a lot of people even (professionally) who are just using brain dumps to either secure the position they are in or meet a current job requirement. Also, most exam simulations (that are not braindumps) are not going to give you the real or most recent test questions and scenarios because they would be violating any agreements they may have with Cisco.
So the questions on this site are similar to the official questions?

I'm taking the single ccna exam in two weeks
Thanks netdogo,

That's good information. For now I just want to pass my ICND2 and get my CCNA. The CCNA has become a minimum requirement just like the A+ was years ago.

And I do agree with getting the material down and understanding the whole concept for a real job interview. Here is my horror story. I had a interview to work at a Walgreen NOC location here in Chicago. If you know the lingo and terminology, you may be able to BS your way through "some" interviews, but in this case, I was hit with a hands on lab test. Real basic CLI's which I wasn't prepared for. I just begun studying for my ICND1. I was ready for questions only. I've never physically connected to a real   Cisco router or switch, never typed a CLI because the material I was studying didn't have any type of simulations.

First question I was asked in my lab interview was to show directly connected devices. In my studying I remember seeing "show cdp neighbor detail" I was on the roll, so I thought. I was expecting questions like: how to navigate between different modes, how to set passwords in different modes and how to change the name of a switch.

Nope, my question was on enabling interfaces and vlan, enable RIP/EIGRP and broadcast the network ID etc. I know, easy right ? I had no clue how to answer these questions. Nonetheless I do now and if I was given that lab test today I would pass it. I still have a long way to go

Failing that interview hunts me daily and this is what I use for motivation. I missed the opportunity to make $35 an hour which is alot to me. With all that being said. Thank God for How2Pass.  
BigD5X you really need to get a hold of packet tracer and pound out some labs to get the confidence up. Once you can do it blind folded in Packet tracer then move on to real equipment. Download Putty and get some cheap switches and Routers off of ebay and try to repeat some labs from packet tracer. There is no substitute for real equipment and all extra stuff you need to know how to do. If someone hands you a laptop and says "here is the IP address to the core router and I need you to SSH into it", you cant tell them that you didn't read it in the book anywhere. If you don't have the CCNA portable command guide , then you need to get it and use it as your bible. 2 best lessons that I learned from eBay equipment where how to reset the password on a locked switch and the IOS version must have a K9 in it to allow SSH. That way for your next interview, you can whip out your iPad infront of everyone and console in and look like a Network stud!
Thanks Hondabuff,

I will down load Packet Tracer and the CCNA CLI guide and get right on it.
I really appreciate your input.
I'm so glad I've found this site and this thread. Just purchased the CCNA Portable Command Guide book on ebay. 
Thank you!
So the questions on this site are similar to the official questions?

I'm taking the single ccna exam in two weeks

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This site is awesome.  I passed ICND2 last night with a score of 930/1000.  If I would have studied IPV6 more thoroughly I probably would have aced it.  That's one area where you will need Todd Lamlee's guide or the Wendell Odom guide.  I was an idiot and let my CCNP expire. ( Got cocky, waited until the last minute to recert and failed the exam.  Sad  Note to self, when time to recert, study months in advance.

Ah well, this gives me an opportunity to prove to myself I know the material, buckle down, and recert CCNP.  This site's practice exam really nailed the material covered for ICND2.

Good luck!  You'll pass.
I just passed my ICDN1 with a 950 yesterday!! this site is amazing. I had 47 minutes left!!! how I prepared was:

took a boot camp
used this site for practice for about a month ensuring that I was scoring 90s on all the sections before testing.

I'm now enrolled in Cisco Academy through a local college starting Cisco 3- LANS and Switches!! tomm. super stoked!!!

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