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First, thank you Forum Administrator for answering the questions. I have another issue though with the above mentioned question. In it we are to view a diagram of a remote site with a WAN connection and an IPSEC VPN connection. The website says that the answer is "IPsec dead peer detection", but I believe the answer should be "backing up a WAN connection with an IPSec VPN". If the answer was IPsec dead peer detection, the configuration should show the command "crypto isakmp keepalive seconds XX" in there. The diagram does not show any crypto configuration though. See website below for documentation.

Alright, I should have looked at the post from tennis before I posted this. Sorry for the double post, but at least this one gives a little more information.
Yes, correct answer is "Backing up a WAN connection with an IPsec VPN". The question has been updated.

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