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I am a new kid on the block and have been following the blogs since Nov '11. Took the Switch exam today for the second time (first time 781/1000 on Jan 3) and passed with 879/1000. All the materials h2p has offered are sufficient for your studies. Usual lab 4,5,6 and the HRSP testlet with minor changes. Thank you to all the people who share their experiences because they give others hope especially Alex, Davidb, brad_tech and USAF. Next is the route exam.

Implementing VLAN 66%
Implementing a Security 100%
Implementing switch base 100%
Prepare Infrastructure    100%
Implementing HA          100%
Congratulations!!!  Also, thank you for mentioning us Smile 

I'm studying ROUTE right now and plan on taking the test at the end of this month.  If you ever want to chat about certs or networking concepts or just to conversate, just e-mail me.

Yes thanks, I will take you on the offer. Once I read the materials I will be ready for dialogue....
Great job Custo! I scored the same score the first time up; I was so hot. I am currently studying the T-shoot exam... Good luck to you all....

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