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HSRP Testlet Error
So I think there is an error in the Testlet, see below:

"Q3: DSW2 has not become the active device for VLAN 103's HSRP group even though all interfaces are active. As related to VLAN 103's HSRP group, what can be done to make the group function properly?

Answer: On DSW2, increase the priority value to a value greater 241 and less than 249.


If you look at the priority values, DSW1's priority 200 beats DSW2's priority 190 at first place. So, for VLAN 103, DSW2 can not be active as expected. So, it is obvious that priority of DSW1 must be less than 190 for DSW2 to be active for VLAN 103"

Is it just me or is the Answer not the correct one for the explanation given? Also that answer isn't correct as if you increase DSW2 priority to 241 or above interface tracking will not work correctly!
Correct explanation is now added to this question.

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