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TSHOOT Passed 1000/1000!
There were 3 multiple choice and 13 trouble tickets. 
Holy shit Brad! What was your preparation for the T-shoot? Congrats!
lol Thanks!  IDK if i'm allowed to "advertise" the website I used but H2P doesn't have a product for TSHOOT yet.  I used and also Cisco provides you with a demo on their website under the TSHOOT certification.  You basically just start at the client PC and ping your way up the chain until you aren't able to ping.  Then you find the problem in that area of the topology.
Thanks Brad! Is it true that you are unable to make changes (i.e Global Configuration) on the exam? How long did study for the T-shoot? Since February I been reading the Cisco press book, and viewing CBT nuggets videos. 
That's correct, you can not make any configuration changes.  You can only view the configs.  Also, i passed route on 1/21 and tshoot on 2/18.  Good luck!
Congrats brad_tech!  That is an amazing score!  CCNP is a great milestone to achieve.  I'm in the process of reading the Cisco Press book now.  The CBT Nuggets video is a bit harder to follow than ROUTE and SWITCH.  We got really busy at work so I'm not moving as fast as I would hope.  But it will come in time.

Congrats again!
Thank you and good luck!  Don't lose focus!
Wow!! That is fantastic!!! That is what you call going out with a Congratulations!!! That is awesome.....i read your notes and will follow suite.....cheers!!
So I just passed BSCI..... if I now take ONT/ISCW before 31st July and pass.... can i take SWITCH after 31st July and still get CCNP?

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