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lab5 eigrp stub and advertising connected routes
I build lab5 with gns3 and in my simulation the network / 24 is not advertises by R3 to its neigbor R4.
It will be only advertised if I either put a network statement or redistribute connected command under router eigrp.
There is some cisco doc about eigrp stub connected ....
but it is not really clear. It says:
The connected keyword will permit the EIGRP Stub Routing feature to send connected routes. If the connected routes are not covered by a network statement, it may be necessary to redistribute connected routes with the redistribute connected command under the EIGRP process. This option is enabled by default.
It may be neccessary .... ??? Depending on what ?
If I put a network 172.... command, I dont need a redistribute connected at all, right ? If I put redistribute connected, I dont need the eigrp stub ____connected____ option, so ?
Confused .
Any ideas to find a logic in there ?

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