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Passed ICND1 with score 974
Hello everyone...

Last friday I passed ICND1 (974). At present, I am preparing for ICND2.
I strongly recommend for those who want to pass, to understand all of H2P questions, before taking an exam.

My study materials:
CBT nuggets video for ICND1
H2P tests.

ICND2: Passed yesterday 944/1000
Congratulations on your passing score and a high one at that  !! 

I'm wondering if you utilized Practice Test #13 with the 913 questions.  I'm wondering what might be the best strategy for tackling such a large number of questions.  Can target a specific number of them at a time or does the randomness of question delivery work against that strategy?

Any tips or advice anyone? 
I have reached a 90-95 % score on of the other tests, except I am leaving the router simulations to tackle last.

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