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Passed 642-813 with score of 956. Thanks H2P!
Hi All

I Just took my CCNP Switch exam today and passed with 956. I had two Simulations and HSRP test let on the exam

Sim#4 on H2P
Sim#7 on H2P
HSRP Testlet on H2P

If you understand the material well and practice SIMS/TESTS/questions on H2P, you will easily pass Smile

Thanks again H2P. Taking a week off then studying for Routing for next 3 months!
Also guys, I did not have to save config on any of the sims. copy run start /copy running-config startup-config/write memory none of these commands would work.
I am planning to take the exam next week not very sure..
I did H2P for tthe CNNA and it was great as the questions that I found at the exam were almost (99.9%) the same as here and the labs as well. That was almost 3 years agao!

Is it the same for this exam as well?

All the questions are the same as here?

What about the labs??


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