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I failed the cert this morning with a 692. I was sure I was going to pass it since the last two Cisco exams I took I used How2Pass and passed. There were simulations on my test that should have been on the troubleshoot exam. Questions where you need to configure the switch in a network by logging into a switch sim and apply the configs. These and many other new questions that were nowhere on the examples How2Pass has. H2P has gone downhill within the past 3 years and I will not be using them again.
H2P does have the sims I was just stupid and didnt see them.
What sims did you have?

I had all of the sims and the dot1x and stp + trunk + lacp lab. I did well on the sims but the labs really threw me off and I missed a lot on them. Does anyone know how many points the labs are on your score?
I took the test again and passed with a 930. I went through all the h2p tests until I got 95-100% and did the did all the labs over and over again. There were only about 2 questions I didnt see on h2p but if you know your stuff youll get the right answer. I had all the HSRP sim and the LACP + STP and dot1x lab.

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