Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a Affiliate partner. Join today for free and receive 10% commissions on every sale of your referrals. We would love to have you join our affiliates team.

How does it work?

  • Sign up today to any of our free or paid product and get started right away promoting's services.
  • Once you sign-up, you will receive your very own affiliate URL which will allow us to track all sales generated as a result of any customers who are referred to our services through this URL.
  • When someone visits our site through your affiliate URL, a cookie is placed on the referral's computer, and is collected upon order submission. All sales are tracked through this cookie recording which identifies you as the affiliate and tells our system who to credit commission for that sale.
  • SMART site tracking means anyone who visits our site through your link but does not order will be tracked. Then, even if they return months later without your affiliate link, you'll still get paid.
  • You will receive an email instantly every time you make a sale.
  • Our affiliate program entitles you to get commissions on all our services that result from sales made through your affiliate URL. This means the extent in which you promote our services is up to you. As long as you have your affiliate URL in whatever advertising method you choose, sales will be tracked and credited to you.
  • Our Affiliate Program has everything you need to get started. Password protected live online tracking shows you unique visitors, and actual purchases all in real time! Launch your campaign and see instant results!

Advertising Techniques

You can use a variety of techniques to refer our products:

  • Use banners / text links at your web site

    If you have a web site you can easily add the banners / text links with your affiliate ID. This is the most widely used form of promotion. Get your affiliate banners/text links from your affiliate information page.

  • Advertise our products in your E-mail campaign

    If you send a newsletter to your customers, you can easily embed your affiliate link in the newsletter. Spaming is not allowed for this purpose.

  • Use your affiliate link in your signature

    If you are a member of some web forum, you can embed the affiliate link in your signature. If you are an active participant and try to help out people, many will try to explore the links in your signature. However you should not promote the site like a spammer of

  • Refer your colleagues, students and friends

    You can use text link including your affiliate ID to refer your friends, students and colleagues in chat, emails or any other forms of communication.

Enable Your Affiliate ID

If you already have an account for a free or paid product on our web site, click the button below to enable your affiliate ID, otherwise signup to any of our products, then click on the following button:

Enabling your affiliate ID adds a new menu item, Affiliate Info, to your account information page. Use this menu to manage your affiliate settings and view your stats.

Access All Affiliate Information

Once you have enabled your affiliate ID from your account information page or using the above link, you can access your Affiliate Information page were you can get the following information:

  • Affiliate banners/text links
  • Affiliate stats
  • Commission earned
  • Set payout method
  • Keywords

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Here are general terms and conditions for our affiliate program. By using our affiliate program, you agree to abide by these rules: