Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Product Related Questions

Yes. These tests will prepare you effectively for the vendor exam.
We continuously review and update our Practice Tests as Cisco® changes the skills required for an exam. We try our best that our test questions are current, relevant and of advantage to our customers. Please note that Cisco may change questions in any delivery of exam, so there is no pass-guarantee.
Our Practice Tests are available as online material only. You need to have a standard browser like Firefox, Chrome etc., with JavaScript and PopUp windows enabled. No other special software is needed to take these tests. You can try our freetest demo.

Purchase Related Questions

Yes. Purchasing Services at How2Pass is safe. Every credit card purchase you make at How2Pass is processed through one of our payment processors, you select. When you click on the purchase button you are redirected to the Secure Server of the selected payment processor. Any information you submit on a Secure page is protected using 128 bit SSL encryption. SSL is the industry standard and among the best software available to ensure secure commerce transactions. The process of encryption converts your personal information into bits of code that can be securely transmitted over the Internet. After completing your payment you are redirected back to our site with a validation key that is used to activate your product at our site. We never store any of your financial information on our server.
We accept credit cards, wire transfer, direct bank transfer (in supported countries), BTC etc. You will see these options on our payment processor's secure payment page.
The moment you complete your payment, we receive a notification to this effect. Depending upon the payment method you selected, your account may be activated instantly or it may take some time (for example, wire transfer, money order etc.). If you pay through a credit card, your account is instantly activated. However, if your order is flagged for manual review, it will take maximum of 12 hours to get activated. Following that you will be able to access your product area.
All payments on web site are one-time charges only. Membership to a product expires automatically after 60 days. You do not need to cancel it. Your credit card is not charged again, unless you purchase again.
This is not allowed. Every subscription is a separate digital product and needs to be purchased separately. The remaining time on one product cannot be switched to another product.
You are automatically emailed the Order Confirmation email just after the order is processed. No further invoice/paper receipt will be provided. However, if you paid through, you can request a printable invoice.
Yes, we provide 10% to 50% discount on bulk purchase of our products. We provide discount vouchers / coupon codes that are used by many training institutes to bundle our practice tests with their training offers. Contact support for details.
Yes, when you purchase in bulk, we provide you coupon codes. Each coupon code can be used by one user to create his/her account. You can provide these coupons to your students to let them create their desired user IDs and add desired products to their accounts, without involving them in payment process.
Yes, you can. Contact support for custom payment link. Also note that you can renew your full product/membership with 20-36% discount (depending upon product cost). Access your account information page and use the Add/Renew Subscription tool to purchase Renew product.

Troubleshooting Questions

Access the login page, enter your username or email address in the forgot password form. Your login information will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive this email, please check the SPAM/Junk folder of your inbox. You can also access our contact page to send us an email providing your order reference number/email address/username registered with us.

Your account can be disabled due to the following reasons:

  1. When the system detects multiple simultaneous account access from different devices/locations, it may disable your account. Currently, we do not disable accounts, but only discard previous session and allow new session from new device/location.
  2. When the system detects your account being used from different IP networks increasing a certain threshold value. This does NOT mean you cannot access your product from different locations. Yes, you can connect from your office or your home or anywhere else but the variation in IP networks is limited to a certain number in certain hours. The system will send you a notification email for such blocking. Contact support and explain your situation.
  3. If you had an invalid or old email address that was used to purchase a product and the order confirmation email sent from our processor's server bounced back, our processor marks the order status as pending accept, and wants us to supply a valid email address, we have to suspend the account and try to contact the card holder to request new email address.
  4. If your order goes through but it is marked for manual review, it is reviewed within 36 hours of receiving an order. If we find some risk factors, like access location is different than billing country, use of proxy server while placing order etc., we may suspend an account and try to contact the card holder and request additional documents to prove possession of the card.
You need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Download it for free from Adobe website.

This may happen due to many reasons. Here are some suggestions to improve your browsing experience:

  • Make sure that your browser accepts cookies from
  • If you are the only user of a device, you can mark the Stay signed in checkbox on the login page. This will save time when accessing your personalized services across our website.
  • If you are not using Stay signed in option and leave your browser idle for more than 25 minutes, your session times out and you have to log in again.