Full Version: ROUTE 300-101
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I have a few questions about the actual Cisco Exam that this site is helping to prepare us for (300-101):

Other than the 726+ multiple choice/drag and drop questions and the two provided SIM/SIMLET/TESTLET challenge questions what else will be on the exam?  Is the hands on labs section actually on the exam or is that just to help prepare you for the real world? 

There is a lot of content to absorb and I have been putting in the time reading the Cisco Press Official Exam Guide and spending a lot of time on this website trying to sharpen my skills and see what types of questions to expect on the exam.  I think it would do everyone a world of good to know exactly what to expect on test day.  How many questions are we talking about?  How many are they standard multiple choice/Drag and drop and how many are hands on?  Can you tell us specifically which hands on questions to spend our time perfecting (I know... study everything and be prepared for anything Cisco can throw at you).  But really.... where should I spend most of my time between now and exam day?  I have already spent 4 weeks on this web site after reading the Cisco Press Official Exam Guide cover to cover and I still don't feel like I am ready to face the exam.  But I think a few more short days refining my focus on the hands on section of the exam will go a long way.

Thank you for your help as I try to take this last step in my CCNP Certification
Hands-on labs are a must. They prepare you for the configuration sim questions on exam. Recently added/modified questions are very important, along with other topic-wise tests.
jfmccord: I did switch first and got 55 quesions including 2 labs so labs are absolutly criticle the route and switch exams are more about the labs than anything else they hold the most weight if you get one wrong you will fail so very important to do them so somone i know just past last week and got the following labs:
3 Labs: OSPF Stub / OSPFv3 Virtual Link / Policy Based Routing EIGRP Eval Sim
4 DND: AAA / BGP States / Frame Relay / IPv6 ACL
i am taking this exam in January and have spent a lot of time on it already pluralsight and cbt nuggets and this site i did use this site for switch and was good so i put my trust in them for route. good luck let us know how you get on.
I took the route test about two months ago. I had the PBR lab as well as Route Redistribution lab. I had all the simlets, multiple drag and drops. It was around 50 questions, including the labs.

The recently added/modified questions section is extremely important: make sure you have all of those down, I'm talking know them all by heart, as you'll see a lot of them. I'm guessing 80% of my test was either directly from the H2P questions, or very similar questions (reworded, IPs changed, reversed, etc).

Before you take the test (if you haven't read the H2P guide/FAQ you should!) you should be able to score around a 95% on the random test from all sections, and I strongly suggest being at least that proficient with the recently added/modified questions, and make sure you understand each lab simulation, simlet/testlet, and drag and drop. This test isn't for casuals: you absolutely need to know your stuff.

Best of luck!
I took the route exam couple of days ago, and I did not pass. It was my own fault. I should have studied every question from all topic and not focused so much on the recently added. Study the labs and simlets and master them. I had the lab with ospf virtual-link and also ospf with totally stub area .
When I took the switch exam few months back the questions were primarily from the latest questions. The Route Exam was all over the place. 
Again study all 720 questions and master them!  Hope this helps.