Full Version: Passed CCNP Route 930/1000
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EIGRP - 93%
OSPF - 83%
BGP - 100%
IPv6 - 75%
Redistribution - 88%
PBR - 100%

Used the following items to study:
Cisco Press Book - I must say this one is well written vs old BSCI book.
CBT Nuggets with Jeremy.
Used my own real routers since GNS3 latest version is unstable. (3) 2621xm Routers and (1) 2651xm Router, Using 12.4 AdvEnt. 48MB Flash, 256MB Dram.
Used H2P to solidify my knowladge of what I covered in Route book. H2P is dead on! Used them for CCNA Composite, CCNP BCMSN, Now ROUTE.

Thanks H2P