Full Version: Practice Test # 13 (913 Questions) Strategy ?
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Anyone have advice on how to tackle a test that big?  Have a strategy that worked?
I have already got to 90-95 % on the preceding Practice tests except simulation.
The last test has no separate questions. It picks questions randomly from all previous topic-wise tests.

So take this test with fewer questions in start, then increase questions to the maximum allowed after some tests and see how you are going. Refer back to your books when needed. Repeat this test until you are getting 90-95% in each attempt.


Thank you for the reply.  How long (hours/minutes) should I expect for the duration of the full 913 question test when getting 90-95% correct?  9 hours or more? :-\
In this test, you cannot load more than 60 questions in an attempt, that is manageable easily.