Full Version: Simulation (QID:S10) Troubleshoot OSPF is failing me
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Hi Everyone,

I'm following the written answer exactly as it is shown and when I click "Done" and "End Test" it shows that I fail the simulation. Should I be doing something else in order to have the simulation properly identify my entries?

I can ping the other routers successfully, and I do a "copy run start" at the end also.

Could it be my version of java? Browser version?

A couple general questions for you as well:

Do these simulations require the commands to check the configuration (show ip route, show ip ospf, etc) in order to mark them complete?

Is there a particular order that the commands must be entered in so that the sim marks it as successful?

How about on the actual exam?


Just a followup on this. I just tried QID:S13 - Configure OSPF, and it passed me. Perhaps QID:S10 is broken? Answers to the other questions in my post would still be appreciated!

Please send screen captures of your commands as you have typed, to our support email address, taking a screen capture when you complete one page of commands. You can paste your captures in a word file or send as images whatever is easier for you.

No it is not your browser or plugin issue. It is your config issue.

The sims do not need show commands. A ping may be required if asked to verify using ping.

Usually the order of commands is not important but in some cases the order matters, even on real equipment, like order of access list statements, order of OSPF network commands etc.