Full Version: Passed - This is not how you want to pass though.
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Question 1 ,which was a LAB, immediately locked up and I couldn't type any commands into the routers.

Test supervisor came in and along with his phone tech support, worked for 30 minutes on getting things working.

Finally, and by accident, he clicked the NEXT button, so on to question 2 without doing the first LAB.  Supervisor guy had no clue really what to do next, so they adjusted 22 minutes back on my test, and told me to go ahead and finish it. I don't think he understood how much the Question 1 Lab would count. I'm sitting there thinking $#@&!!!  ???, all that studying for this?

I ended up passing with an 833 without touching the first lab.  Guess they would have given me a voucher if I had failed.  Who knows.. who cares!  Smile  I'm not taking it again to see if I can score higher.

Study H2P, make sure you are scoring 95-100% on everything!  I know I answered 3 questions wrong in retrospect, so I should have scored higher.  Anyway, my CCNP is DONE! 

BSCI 833
BCSM 937
ONT 996
ISCW 964


Congradulations man


dear i need info about what the lab & ipv6 & multicasting question.
u can send me detail on