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You guys did an awesome job with your site. I felt extremely comfortable taking the exam. I will highly recommend your site to my peers. Thank you once again.

canomarlon - 2021-05-19

I want to thank the folks at How2pass. I took the CCNA exam and passed with a 918 score. This practice exam really helped me prepare for the exam and helped me understand the questions. If you took the time to really study and used how2pass you should have no issue with passing the CCNA exam. Thanks guys for your hard work. My money was well spent and would use How2pass again.

ratedr - 2021-04-09

I nailed it!!! I passed the CCNA today with an 895. How2Pass is the best study guide around.

Caribbean - 2020-12-29

Thanks for this website. I have just passed the CCNA exams today and can confirm that the materials on this site are very good and all the questions were relevant.

kanothebest1 - 2020-12-02

I took the CCNP ENCOR 350-401 exam on July 20th 2020 and I passed it. It was easy with multiple choice answers, and a few drag and drop questions. The actual exam has 103 questions and I found 95% similar questions.

wayindar - 2020-07-22

I just made it!!! Hi guys, I want to say thank you to How2Pass; was really helpful to me. I just passed my CCNA 200-301 and I am ready for my CCNP. So I think all of you who are studying hard for passing the exam, must practice with H2P!

betta73 - 2020-07-16

Hi, I passed CCNP ENCOR 350-401 with 909, it was very easy. I took this exam one month ago and I failed, and searching questions in many other websites, I could see that those practice tests don't work, because their questions did not appear in the exam, only the questions I got here were useful.

g13lopez - 2020-07-16

I just took the CCNP ENCOR 350-401. Passed with a 943. Test was super easy! Thanks How2pass!!!

jsceb123 - 2020-05-21

How2Pass Always has the most current practice test questions. I passed the ICND2 with 841/1000 on Feb 1, 2020. Passing Score was 810. The Labs were covered as well all the way down to the similar questions in the simulations.

ghill216 - 2020-02-02

I have been using How2Pass for many years now and it has never let me down. Just passed CCNP Route with a score of 950/1000. 55 questions, all but 1 covered by the study material on this site. Keep up the great work and let's hope you will have the new certification study material ready soon.

naffy01 - 2020-01-21

First time taking CCNP SWITCH, passed with 812 out of 44 questions. I'm roughly 4 years fresh in the field. How2pass was pretty dang accurate.
I will be using H2P for ROUTE within the next couple months! 10/10 would recommend.

bfinnessey - 2019-12-13

I took my Route exam yesterday and passed with a 876. All I can say is How2Pass you guys rock, keep up the content and updating.

amesinovic - 2019-12-13

Passed the Switch yesterday! Score was well over the passing minimum. I had only 44 questions including the lab and simlets. Thanks again, H2P! It's been a great ride!

johndamanager - 2019-12-08

Passed CCNP SWITCH 300-115 today! I scored 967. Most of the questions were similar to the recently updated questions. Still very Valid.

altrg173 - 2019-11-29

Passed CCNP SWITCH 300-115. Used it to renew my CCNP cert. Used Cisco book, How2Pass and another resource.

kdrugge - 2019-11-26

How2pass is an awesome practical study resource, worth every penny. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge you will obtain studying this material. It is a great learning resource for all the exam topics, thanks to the very detailed explanations for each question and the great practice sims and labs.
You could pass using how2pass only if you have experience in the field. You should get additional resources if you are a beginner.

wmtowqalp - 2019-11-23

I just passed my CCNA test with 89x score. Thank you How2pass. Without your practice test, it would be very difficult for me to achieve this goal. Most of the questions are similar, the simmlets and testlets are excellent.
Again, thank you How2pass, now I am gearing up for CCNP.

Dann V - 2019-10-17

Passed the Route test with a very solid score!

John - 2019-09-29

Passed the 300-115 over the weekend with a score of 9xx/1000.
Had the dot1x lab, VTPv3 and HSRP simlet. DD were stackwise states, Portfast, BPDU filter/Guard and STP component states.
Would just like to say a big thank you to How2PASS in helping me pass this exam and get my CCNP recertified for another 3 years. So many thanks, the best money I spent.

telthenipper - 2019-06-24

Thank you to How2Pass.com for assisting me with my studies and helping me recertify my CCNP and CCDP. The Customer Support Team was awesome and was able to provide me quick answers to my questions. This is the 2nd go around for me personally as I used them in 2010 when I passed the Switching Exam back then.
I would recommend this site to any Network Engineer who is trying to obtain their CCNP. Thank you again.

Networman - 2019-02-01