Full Version: Any future plans for new exam add-on's?
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Hi Admin

Sorry for the same old question to bug you with, but will be possible to update any future release of new exams in pipeline  :-\ (i.e. CCDA, CCDP, CCVP?) :?:  As we all are eagerly waiting to know what's upcoming

Won't bother you with this but man your site rocks! and I'm a big fan, Please let us know. 


Singh  Smile
There is nothing new in pipeline - only updates to current exams will be completed during this month at least.


Thank you again for a great test score (902). Passed the CCNA for the 3rd time today. Your web site is magnificent.  Best of all, How2Pass worked at home where I run Linux as well as at work where I have to use Windows.

But, now the problem is that I kinda need to move on.  I would like to do CCNA-Security but you don't have a product for that yet.  I don't know any other test-prep that will do both Linux and Windows.  So, is there any chance that I could talk you folks into considering this particular module?  It's required to continue along the CCSP path, so I would be really really grateful!   
Congratulations on your success! We will handle new exams but no time frame can be given yet.
congratulation Smile