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passed ISCW w/ 903 - Hill - 04-09-2010

Thanks h2p, I have used you for many years, and you have never let me down!  8)

Some random ideas about the ISCW:
1-Know your sims and testlets by heart, I got 3 testlets and 2 sims on my test. They aren't too hard, if you understand the theory behind them. (I think your sim 2 scenario is not set up right, btw, there is no mention of local and enable authentication, but you have it in your config example)

2-Don't get stressed out if you do poorly on a sim during the test! Don't spend more than 15 minutes on a sim if you are stuck, move on.  You MUST manage your time effectively. The test seems to allow you to mess up on one of them (as I did on the pppoe) and still pass.

3-When practicing the questions, read the explanations of the answers that h2p accompanies with the questions, don't skip over them. There is some valuable accurate info contained in those answer descriptions. They tell you exactly what you need to know.