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Passed ISCW, now im a CCNP - Jigsaw - 06-14-2010

Passed ISCW on friday. Every question I had was on H2P.

Make sure you do all the questions, including the section 'Added questions' there are a lot of drag and drops that are covered here.

I got all the sims (PPPoE and AAA) and all three Simlets.

Ive used H2P for all my exams, CCNA now CCNP. You cant go wrong with them, perfect! just wish they would do some other areas like CCNA voice and security.

Re: Passed ISCW, now im a CCNP - mc7791 - 06-16-2010

congratulations!  I have the iscw and the ont to go to become a CCNP.  Were all the sims from this site?  I know all the simlets are.

Re: Passed ISCW, now im a CCNP - jdimstrnate - 06-18-2010

Im sure all the sims were on this site too.

I agree with you I wish they had a variety for the tracks.  Can you really complain about the preparation this site gives you?  It's amazing.