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Which is harder?? BCMSN or BSCI
Hi all,

just looking for thoughts - I passed BSCI today - I have read that BSCI is the "harder"  Wink of the CCNP exams - whats the thought from people who have sat both?

Cheers in advance
I personally think the BSCI is harder but only because i deal with switches on a day to day basis so things like port security and voice vlans are standard for me. Switching does have a lot of information in espcially about Spanning-tree and wireless. Know your wireless is all i can say for the exam.

I think if you can get your hands on equipment, cheap off ebay and practice then you will learn a lot quicker than just by reading books or using simulations. Sims are good but they are limited and sometimes have bugs in them.

How2Pass need to update their Sims for the switching exam. there are 2 new ones that have come out in new year and they are not on the site. You can get the run through from other free sites for these questions though. Googel is a wonderful thing!  Wink


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