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Passed Switch!
(01-10-2020, 01:51 PM)summit2 Wrote: Took the test recently and passed!  Definitely want to thank H2P for helping me prepare.  As others have said and H2P as well, this is just a portion of your study preparations.  My testing experience including the simlets along with lab 6, in addition to the additional questions test.  There was several new questions, but as others have said if you understand the technology you will certainly be better prepared to get these correct, or at a minimum eliminate 2 answers and and have a 50-50 chance of guessing it correctly.  I've used H2P before and have been successful in my testing outcomes.  TY again to the H2P team!

One question to the H2P team, what are you're plans when these test expire in the next coming month?  Are you planning to update your content?

Congrats man!!!

I checked few comments on H2P and looks like most of the question are coming from 'recently updated question' Is it still true ?


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