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Passed BSCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks to H2P.

I have passed with very low score 809 but I guess pass is pass. I had 56 question. Every questions apart from 3 or 4 were from H2P site. Also I had three sims such as EIGRP Stub, IPV6 OSPF Virtual-link , PBR for HTTP traffic. They also similar from this site.

I have only managed to finish one sim as it came in 5th or 6th question and I took little bit time so I had a fear that I will run out time so when second and third sim came I had to skip it because they came in middle as well and drag and drop were about three so took time. I did manage to finish all the question on time.

One thing I would like to suggest my all friend that if you study the all question from this site and if you get all correct then you will pass it as I did skip 2 sims on purpose and still manage to pass it.

One again many thanks to H2P and now BCMSN.

All the best to all of you.

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Passed BSCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - by vhira1 - 05-04-2010, 12:29 AM
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