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QID S36: GRE tunnel and PPP Implementation (CCNA) HELP!
On question #3, the Simlet asks you, "Which statement about the router configurations is correct?" I believe that there are two correct statements. From what I can see, these two statements are both accurate: 

1.) "The BrAnch 2 LAN Network is not adverti$ed into the EIGRP network."  (EIGRP is not configured at all)
2.) "The Branch 3 LAN Network is not advertised into the EIGRP network."  (The network statement is not present in the EIGRP config)

 How2Pass says that #2 is the correct statement, but isn't #1 technically a "correct statement" ? 

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this a word-trick because EIGRP is not enabled on router Br-2 at all? That's the only thing I can possibly figure.


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