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QID S36: GRE tunnel and PPP Implementation (CCNA) HELP!
On question #3, the Simlet asks you, "Which statement about the router configurations is correct?" I believe that there are two correct statements. From what I can see, these two statements are both accurate: 

1.) "The BrAnch 2 LAN Network is not adverti$ed into the EIGRP network."  (EIGRP is not configured at all)
2.) "The Branch 3 LAN Network is not advertised into the EIGRP network."  (The network statement is not present in the EIGRP config)

 How2Pass says that #2 is the correct statement, but isn't #1 technically a "correct statement" ? 

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this a word-trick because EIGRP is not enabled on router Br-2 at all? That's the only thing I can possibly figure.

would like an answer to this too, both are correct. Anyone know why the branch 3 one is correct instead??
I would like an answer to this as well because both are correct.
imo, the thing about the exams are sometimes there are "multiple right answers" but there only ONE best answer or one Cisco accepted answer. My assumption Branch 3 is the correct answer is because it does have the EIGRP config but the network is not advertised vs Branch 2 states that the network is not advertised in the EIGRP network but because there was no EIGRP to start with, it's the less correct answer. Just my theory ~
Damn it, accidentally deleted my reply. Well here it is again.

So the answer is asking for what is correct. This is very important when reading its wording

A lot of questions will seem like it has 2 answers when it doesn't, have to be careful with how the answer is worded and how the question is worded.

The first choice doesn't work. It says that the IP address is not being advertised on the EIGRP network. The problem is that there is no EIGRP network. The answer assumes 2 things. 1 that there is an EIGRP network AND 2 that there is an IP address not being advertised. The statement is false because the protocol isn't even active on the router. You can't fail to advertise an IP address on a protocol when there is no protocol.

The second choice is the answer because EIGRP is implemented on the Router and using best practices, it is indeed failing to advertise an IP address from its LAN. So it does have EIGRP and it is failing to advertise.

I get caught a lot of these questions because I rush through them without carefully reading them and I pick the first answer that seems right before reading the rest of the answers.

Really pay attention to the way things are worded.
Also, is t he PAP & CHAP statement reversed for the appropriate Branch/R...

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