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Passed BCMSN - Score 900
H2P was a great help.

I didn't go thru all the questions from H2P because I bought it only a week or so before my exam, but 75% of the questions on the exam were from H2P (verbatim) - from whatever I had reviewed on H2P.

Got dot1x Port Security simulation which required basic radius configuration.
Would surely use H2P for my BSCI, which I am planning for next month.



I will be taking the exam soon and I have the H2P membership.

I just want to confirm. You have the Lab #5 (Radius SIM) ???
For your other SIM on your exam, did you get Lab #3 ???

for your Simlet -- did u have the STP and HSRP one??


I will be taking the exam in the next couple of days. Apart from the Radius Simlet which other
testlets / simlets did you get.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks

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