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Question about H2P - STP simlet
Admin or H2P membership users,

This is regarding to question 3 on the STP simlet.

Which Spanning Tree Protocol has been implemented on switch SW-B?

b. MSTP/IEEE 802.1s
c. STP/IEEE 802.1D
d. PVST+

H2P states the correct answer is c. STP/IEEE 802.1D
but I've read elsewhere that it is d. PVST+

Can anyone shed some light on which is the correct answer.

Thanks so much
If the partner switch is Cisco, then the answer is PVST+.

However, if the partner switch is non-cisco, then the answer is 802.1D

I believe for the exam, Cisco accepts both answers (I know people who scored 1000/1000, each selected different answers).

Me personally, I would select PVST+

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