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Passed but issues with Labs
Passed today with 844.

Had 3 Labs, 3,4 and 5.

Had issues with lab 4 and 5 (RADIUS and STP) one. I could not save the configruation using copy run start or copy running-config startup-config.

In Lab#5 RADIUS configuration "aaa authorization network default group radius" entry seems to be invalid, and is not accepted by the exam console.

In Lab#3 vtp version 2 command was not accepted by the console, had a pop up saying version 2 is not supported on this switch.

Not sure why the save configruation problem is happening. Does this mean I had my configuration wrong or what?

Had HSRP simlet.

Lots of questions on Voice, HSRP, GLBP. Did not see many STP MCQ questions.

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