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Help preparing for Boot Camp
Hi All,

My employer in his infinite wisdom has decided that he is going to sell Cisco equipment and has a requirement for 2 staff to become CCNA certified.
He has booked 2 of us on the CCNA boot camp which is spread over 2 weeks INCD1 and ICND2.

I have approx 5 weeks before the ICND 1 course.

My question to you guys is how can i best prepare myself for these 2 courses??( I have very basic networking skills - i come form an IP telephony background)

Thanks in advance for you help

I would recommend reading Todd Lammle book CCNA study guide but I myself was in your shoes once, and you don't have to prep for boot camps, they will cover all the material with you, when they ask if you have any question. don't be afraid to ask about the stuff you may not understand or want to get covered a bit more.

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