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Passed with 866.

Used mainly H2P, Pass4sure (for cross reference) and CBT Nuggets, only really had time to glance through "CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide" 4th Edition, by David Hucaby, Cisco press. I found that around 80% to 85% of the questions I saw in the exam were covered on H2P & Pass4sure.

I was up against it and H2P came through for me (had until end of October 2009 to recertify my CCNA). Now will move on to ONT and continue my CCNP accreditation but at a less hectic pace. Speaking of pace found the H2P test layout was very clear and being somewhat competitive I found going for the record times in completing the exams was useful for me. I've had time issues taking Cisco exams in the past, being able to speed up your answers comes in handy. Made my brain hurt though!

As for my experience in the exam I had 50 questions labs 3 4 & 5 and both HSRP & STP simlet. Had quite a few multi choice questions on Voice, Wireless and GLBP & some new questions on VRRP. So all in all a lot of fun. Sick of sims by the end of the test. My advice is know you configs for the labs, as for the simlets just follow the H2P ones they are spot on.

I also had an issue with lab#3 the suggested config line;

Switch(config)# vtp version 2

Was not accepted by the console. Tried the command in privileged EXEC mode as per H2P config suggestion; (As Some IOS versions support the vtp version 2 command only in Privileged EXEC mode)

Switch)# vtp version 2

Still no luck had the "not supported on this IOS version" popup appear again. I was also unable to save back the configs for labs 4 & 5. I did expect that. I just followed H2P advice and carried on. It's just the way Cisco has set up the exam, so don't waste your time on trying to save the configs if you are up against the clock. Just make sure you check them first before moving on.

Not a straightforward exam, just have confidence in being able to do the sims, that will save you so much time. I personally found it useful to have more than one source of answers, but that's just me. One thing I would like to see more of in H2P is more posts, so hence my ramblings. This forum is at bit sparse at times. Hope this helps some of you, and good luck in your endeavours.

Thanks again H2P for some excellent help.

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