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Passed BCMSN - 965
Just finished taking it, took me about half an hour to take the test after many nights of studying, but it paid off for sure.

I only had the HSRP testlet and labs 3 and 4. The VTP lab was different on my test since it asked for vlan 30 instead of vlan 20, so just be sure to read the scenario carefully before diving into what you memorized.

Overall I had 50 questions including the testlet and 2 labs. Most of the questions were covered here and I had a couple questions I was not even prepared for including a couple EIGRP questions, 1 OSPF and 1 about stubby networks. Only about 5-7 questions I had never seen before.

Good luck everyone.
Grats man.. Hope I do the same when I take my test.
Congrads on passing the test.  Was the other lab the one that you have to configure a radius server?
I had labs 3 and 4, whichever those were. I think it was spanning-tree and VTP, not radius

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