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Hand-On Lab 4
First off, I got this one right on the exam.

Now, for the level 2 access to Core and DSW2.  You may want to insure that you do a "show run" and possibly a "show spanning-tree" (if allowed).  In my day to day duties I've never used or logged into a router that used different access level unless they were using user names and passwords.  Much to my chagrin i had no clue how to get into the two routers in question and the help commands weren't very "helpful".  Well, to acess the  level two enable that is specified use "ENABLE 2" and then the level 2 password.  I've been working on routers, etc. for years and had never ran across this.  The show run/spanning-tree would let us see what the CORE and DSW1 had their priorties and cost set for rather than just memorizing the answers given.  I'm aware that the answers would work no matter what they were set for but I tend to like to make the priority or cost just below what the other is set for if possible.



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