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Passed BSCI today with a 905
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Passed today with a 905! Thanks H2P, invaluable material on here! Going to Vegas to celebrate for a few days then study for BCMSN which I should be taking in a couple of weeks. On to the exam:

Time was more of a factor than I had anticipated; 9 minutes left at the end. I did not see as much IPv6 and BGP as I was thinking. Quite a few multicast and very heavy on EIGRP. Sims were all from H2P: OSPFv3 virtual link, EIGRP stub and summarization. EIGRP testlet was almost identical. I didnt see many questions that were not covered here. Had one question that looked like it should have been from the ISCW test; some IPSEC tunnel thing. Anyway, know your stuff, get the sims down, do plenty of practice on H2P and you should do fine. I was suprised at my 905, didnt think I would do that well. Anyway, off to fabulous Las Vegas!!! See you on the BCMSN board!

Congrats Dmick and good luck for the next exam.
Hi Congrat!!!

Thanks for the post as I am also taking this exam very soon.

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