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CCNA Recertification: Be Careful!
I'm posting this in hopes that others don't make my mistake.

I'm trying to get my CCNA again. It expired in 2007. I went to Cisco's website and it said that you need to only take the ICND 2 exam to recertify. So that's what I did. I passed the ICND 2 exam (thank you How2pass!!!) and then waited about a month to get my certificate.

It didn't come. So I called Cisco and inquired. They said that I have to start over because my previous certification expired. The only thing the woman on the phone could do for me is submit a recommendation to the website people that they be more explicit on the website.

In my opinion, their website SHOULD say.... "If your previous certification has expired, you will need to pass the full exam. If it has not expired, you need only to pass the ICND 2, or ......".

So be careful everyone and GOOD LUCK TESTING!!!!

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