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Passed w 943
Thanks to How2Pass!!! Passed today with a 943. h2p was right on. Be advised I got stuck on a eigrp/ospf redist lab, I spent a bunch of time on it and from what I can tell its not counted. It might be a beta question. I set up the redist on RTR2 and 3 properly, routes would not show up on RTR1 and I could not ping from R4 to R1. After spending way too much time I moved on. When the exam was done I hit 100% on both eigrp and ospf ? I recreated on GNS3 and the configs I used where indeed correct. I also found some others that had the same experience. So long story short be careful and dont let this question eat your time up.  Thanks again to h2p, a huge help.
Congrats!! How many IS-IS questions you had? Was any of the sim on here on the exam? Once again Congrats!!

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