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scored a 918!!!
to Upen.   I did not see anything from you.  Im kind of kidding about getting paid I mean will you like "email" the money to me?  Yeah the newest way to make money online.... get paid for "mojo"!   Big Grin
me five Smile

Taking the BCMSN tomorrow.  Let your mojo rain down on me!!!

ok actually its about to rain where I live right now but nothing to do with mojo.  respond on how you did and good luck
IT WORKED!!!!!!!! Smile

I scored a 930.  I got sim#4 and a sim I had not seen before nor was it H2P.  But just make sure you know switching with regards to different VLANs.  The new sim was a router-on-a-stick setup.  3 VLANs 2 /27s and /24.  Needed to tap into my subnetting figure out the subnet mask.  I configured the vlan 2 and vlan 3...unable to config vlan 1.  Enabled ip routing on the switch...verification testing (pings) failed.  After spending 15min, I decided to move on.

I also saw about 5-10 questions that I had not seen on H2P.  I'm not sure if some were the "fake" questions that don't help or hurt you.

This was rteh 4th and final exam for me.  I'm unoffically a CCNP
congrats!!!  Now pay me or I will have Cisco eliminate your certs and you will be banned from taking any more!!!!  Im happy you passed.  I need to pass the remaining 2 before 7/31.  wish me luck.  I want the CCNP too
LOL!!!  I need to go make CCNP money now.  If the 2 you have left are ONT and ISCW...then they are the easiest of the 4.  ONT doesn't have any router sims.

*throws mountains of good luck vibes to MC7791*
can you please tell us a bit more about the router on a stick sim. I have not heard many people talk about this one.

so far i know of the following sims:
LACP with STP Sim
VTP Lab 2
Spanning Tree Lab
AAAdot1x Lab

many thanks
lol I passed today with 873 I got the lab 4 and one about eigrp which caught me off guard and about 10 questions not on here but hey a pass is a pass i only had a day left on my ccna
i don't mind paying for your help. did you get my email address because nothing has been received.

many thanks :o

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