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pased bsci

I passed my bsci yesterday, it was pretty much the same as questions here. Thanks for all the guidence.

had three simulataion and 4 simlets. one Eigrp simlet like h2p but another one wchih i cat remember now was pretty straight forward.

simulations included: ipv6 ospf virtual links, eigrp stub+route summerization and another completely new and diff sim. my reason for post!

it was ospf being redistributed to osp and to be able to ping one of the hosts in ospf domain from host in eigrp. it did not specify any metrics or anytime. I decided to not spend more than 10 mins on it - and issued redistribute ospf into eigrp on R2(for eg: Host  (ping from) (say) R1 (say (eigrp)) R2 (running ospf) R3 ospf host) - made up metric myself for eigrp, only redistributed subnets. tried ping and it worked!. i am pretty sure i didnt do any other mistakes on other ospf questions - my score for ospf was about 80% - so i must have not done something right somewhere (cuz there was so much optimization stuff asked! or may be i was blind during that time and didnt pick up stuff...)

anyway.. i hope this helps for rest of the takers...


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