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TShoot Sample
Friend of mine that just recently passed the TShoot exam sent me this link:

It's a sample from the cisco website and gives you an idea of the layout of the new exam.  He said there was a few Multi-choice and then it got into a big sim after that.  He said there was about 12 Trouble tickets, all using the same topology with the configs on the devices changing between tickets.  Also said that you just use show commands and you don't actually implement any changes in the simulations to correct the problems.  Just have to use the show commands to answer the questions: What device is causing the issue?  What kind of issue is it (i.e interface status, routing issue, incorrect IP add/mask)?  What change would correct the issue?

Just thought I'd throw this out there to help anyone studying for TShoot while how2pass works on the new exams.
Hmmm that may have given me way too much confidence, that was pretty easy. Even if you didn't figure it out to begin with the remaining questions answered the previous questions. That must be more of a demo of what the sim is going to look like than what they questions would be like.

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